Sunday, March 5, 2017

Green is Great

Especially when it is a bird.

Like a hummingbird.
(Purple-throated Mountain-gem on the left, Coppery-headed Emeralds on the right.)

 (Green Violetear)
 (Green-crowned Brilliant)
(Crowned Woodnymph)

 Or a Great Green Macaw
 Emerald Toucanets have different shades of green
as does the Orange-chinned Parakeet.
 While the female Green Honeycreeper is almost fluorescent green, she is so bright.
 (The male is kind of aqua, not quite green and not quite blue.)

And the Emerald Tanager is the same shade as the leaves,but its head is so bright it could have been in the yellow section.

1 comment:

Linda Loken said...

The orange Chinned Parakeet has an orange chin from dripping fruit down it! So beautiful!